EMOTION: What intrigued Dana Betts at a young age about jewelry, was its emotional power. Its ability to create a sentimental attachment with a feeling, a memory or a special moment in life. When she was 13 years old, her intrigue of emotion, inspired her to make my own beaded jewelry and sell it in front of her grandmother’s house. From there, she knew she wanted to be involved with jewelry, whether it be a hobby or a career. 

PASSION: After graduating Bowdoin College, she decided to pursue her love for jewelry at The Fashion Institute of Technology.  There she learned the fine art of designing and creating a piece of jewelry from start to finish. After FIT, she gained invaluable experience in the production, manufacturing and design aspects of jewelry.  In 2013, she started Dana Betts, her own jewelry company, with collections defining her passion for unique jewelry and what it can represent through her many collections. The collections include Vintage Redux and Antique Keys, findings sourced from all over the world and reinvented into timeless and classic pieces, in addition to her love for unique and organic style jewelry created from Nature and the Sea. Dana strives to allow an individual help express their own unique style and personality through her designs and her off-path mainstream trends in the moment, because wearing what everyone else has is bland and redundant! Her motto in wearing jewelry is to be yourself, create you own independent unique self through style reinvented from timeless historic pieces and organic nature unable to be copied in its beauty and imperfections. 

QUALITY: Dana Betts jewelry uses metals and stones including gold plated bronze, sterling silver, vermeil, 14k and 18k gold, pearls, sapphires and diamonds. She designs and produces all pieces from initial concept to finished product. From intricate pave settings to textured polishing techniques, each piece is handcrafted in New York City. 

STYLE: While remaining true to the redux definition, “brought back or restored," the pieces Dana designs offer a fresh interpretation, while preserving the historic designs and that unique one-of-a-kind feel, offering a sense of rarity and exclusivity. Her collections from Nature and the Sea offer the same one-of-a-kind feel. She handpicks her pieces and preserves the organic and raw imperfections and details while turning these treasures and creatures from Nature and the Sea into exclusive and wearable jewelry.

CUSTOM:  In addition to Dana's own collections, she also creates custom pieces for her clients. There is nothing more rewarding and no better feeling of satisfaction for Betts than designing meaningful and sentimental jewelry for clients. From engagements rings and wedding bands to one-of-a-kind creations, Betts works with her clients, helping to create what was once only a vision, into a reality; a stunning piece of jewelry to be treasured by the one who wears it and perhaps passed down to the next generation one day as an heirloom.