Antique Alma Necklace

$ 134.00
Antique Alma Necklace

Alma means "soul" in Spanish. This necklace is meant to represent the intangible soul and everything in life that gives meaning to the one who wears it. In its lavishly victorian embellished design, rendered from a mold of an original antique stamping, the historical design exhibits intricate floral detailing, creating the outlined shape of a clover. Not only does this necklace hold a valuable place in the present due to its reflection of timeless and classic art and culture of the past, but it also represents a timeless iconic symbol of luck that has been used for centuries. 

Product Details:
  • Measures just over 1.1" not including the .25" bail on top 
  • High polished details
  • Adjustable chain length 18"-20"
  • Handmade in New York City

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